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What is KPCP?

KPCP is a local charity whose membership includes individual local people, groups, agencies and organisations who work closely together to create a renewed sense of community spirit through taking action and delivering services and activities to meet local need

Our vision - Together we build a community that determines its own needs and delivers services and activities to meet them. 


Our values are: 

  • People - everyone matters - respect for all

  • Community - at the heart of everything we do

  • Creativity - encouraging this in all we do

  • Communication - clear, open and honest

What is KPCP is about?

KPCP acknowledges, builds on and supports what we perceive to be the key community assets of Kimberworth Park:

  • People: Community members with skills/ energy/ commitment to invest in   determining/developing community services and activity.

  • Local Groups/projects: the creation of a ‘network’ of support for  

       delivering locally defined services, activity and events

  • Physical resources: utilising a variety of local buildings and physical

       resources (ie. parks/green spaces) that provide and improve community

       access to a range of services/activities.

  • Environment  – recognising our responsibility to help protect the planet by minimizing the impact we have on the environment.


For this approach to have greatest possible impact, and likely to have most sustained change in terms of local people’s health and wellbeing, KPCP focuses on those ‘most vulnerable’ in the community - children and families, young people and older people. Those ‘most vulnerable’ being defined as those least likely to access services, those who have little self-esteem/confidence and those socially isolated.


Our bottom up approach responds to need as determined by people themselves, ensuring our services and activities are relevant and appropriate. We involve local volunteers  (11 to 80+ years) in our activities, our services are managed/overseen by staff, 80% of who are local and the Partnership’s Board of Trustee/Directors is made up of people who live and work in the area.

The Chislett Centre

The Chislett Centre is the home of KPCP.  From here we organise our range of activities and events.

The Chislett Centre is located in the heart of Kimberworth Park, with plenty of free parking nearby and bus stops a short walk away.

When our building is not being used by us, we do hire out our various room for a price. If you wish to hire a room please email us at .

Please note that we are unable to take any bookings where alcohol will be consumed. 


Community Interest

Please click the link to access documents that may be of interest.


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