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Men in Sheds

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Shed members come from a wide variety of backgrounds ranging from highly skilled to beginners. All work together and there is a role for everyone. Members can put their skills to good use, share their knowledge, learn new skills and put the world to rights over a cup of tea. The products produced by the shed members are sold to help support the Men in Sheds project.  


Like many of the services KPCP provides for older isolated people, men accessing the Men in Sheds Project gain in self-confidence through meeting others and for many there are improvements in their overall health and wellbeing


If you want to know more about Men in Sheds please get in touch 

Men in sheds keeps me out of mischief!

It gives me someone to talk to and keeps my mind occupied, so I'm not sat at home fretting.

Men in Sheds, previously funded by The Big Lottery Awards for All and currently funded by The Tudor Trust, is a project for men.  Some of whom have physical and mental ill-health conditions, who want to get together to share their existing skills and learn new ones. 


KPCP provides the ‘shed’  and on going support.  Day-to-day running of the project however is left to the members who choose the activities they want to participate in, which includes wood working, garden activity, social events and trips out.



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