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Opening More Doors

We are a Lottery funded project that provides opportunities in Kimberworth Park for young people, families and older people who are experiencing isolation and/or loneliness


We offer a person-centred, holistic approach that provides 1:1 support to enable people to make the transition from isolation and/or loneliness to involvement and inclusion.  This they achieve by:


  • Having the opportunity to tell their own story

  • Developing their awareness of the choices available to them

  • Identifying services and activities that meet their needs and interests

  • Increasing their confidence in their own abilities to build relationships in ways that reduces their isolation/loneliness and consequently increasing their ability to remain independent.




The underlying outcomes of this service and its activities have been increased self-confidence, an awareness and knowledge in terms of what options they have and choices they can make. The conseqent impact of this support has been an increase in individual self confidence with signifcant moves for many towards independence. 


If you need support or would like to talk to us, please just give us a ring, send an email or pop in to the Chislett Centre.  We offer our time and a friendly ear to listen.

If you know someone who feels they are spending too much time alone or would just like to do more and would like someone to help, please talk to them then about us and encourage them

to make contact.

If you are a group, agency or organisation and you would like to refer someone you work with, please talk to the person about us and complete a referral form please

get in touch 


Did you Know?

Loneliness and isolation are harmfull to our health; research shows that lacking social connections is as  damaging to our health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day

(Holt-Lunstad, 2010).

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