Opening Doors – Tackling Isolation and Loneliness in Kimberworth Park

Do you know someone who lives in Kimberworth Park who would like to get out and about more? Or who is feeling isolated from others?
The Opening Doors Project at Kimberworth Park Community Partnership can help by supporting people on a one to one basis to join in with local activities, events or services. We also run a number of groups for different age groups including young people, older people, and families. If you think you would like support or know someone else who may benefit please get in touch. We also welcome volunteers. You can call in to see us at the Chislett Centre Monday to Thursday, email us at or phone us on (01709) 559805.

KPCP – Community of the Month

KPCP has been invited by Locality to be Community of the Month. This is a new national initiative and KPCP are the first group to be Community of the Month. Please see link bellow.

St George and England – by Ron Town

St. George and England

I heard this story from my dad on a night that was wet and dark

He told me that our Patron Saint was born on Kimberworth Park

He said it was a family secret passed down from father to son

And as I was the one hundredth descendant I must now tell everyone.

All this happened Long ago even before dogs had learned to bark

And a lad called George was born to a poacher who lived on Kimberworth Park.


He learned all the tricks from his father and with a longbow became an ace

He shot deer and rabbits and squirrels and caught pheasants by the brace.

He learned to wrestle and fight with his fists and to fight with sword and spear

Until he became famous throughout the land and the king of him did hear.

He sent his emissary to Rotherham and asked George to come to the royal palace.

George replied, I’ll come if I can bring my sheepdog Ben and my pretty young wife called Alice.


Now young George had a whale of a time at palace with King Edgar and all his mates

And every evening he would sign autographs outside the palace gates.

King Edgar was very proud of George and thought his manner so quaint

And within six months our canny Yorkshire lad was made England’s second Patron Saint.

He went on a state tour of England along with Alice and sheepdog Ben

And on his return to London he lived in Downing Street at number ten.


But back home things were not the same; things had gone from worse to worse

And folk back there on Kimberworth Park seemed to be living under a curse

The cause of all this upset was Ceredig a mighty Welsh Green Dragon

Who had settled on a hilltop near Kimberworth Manor behind a brewers wagon

The people rallied round to fight him but couldn’t do a thing

And after all else had failed to work they pleaded with Edgar their king.


Edgar sent for George that evening and told of this tragic news

So George gathered men together with bows made from the finest English yews.

With Alice and Ben beside him he set out for Kimberworth Park.

And to boost the morale of George and his army Ben his sheepdog had started to bark

He landed back home on a Wednesday and met up with mum, dad and his mates.

And by early Thursday morning he was camped by the manor house gates


Ceredig started to attack them, and singed the hair of many a man

Until George invented the helmet by using his mother’s copper saucepan

Green Dragon stood defiantly on top of hill where pub now stands today

The proud English bowmen started firing and continued firing all that day

While George sneaked up behind dragon and pierced his heart with his sword

He toppled off hill with Ben barking but Green Dragon never again said a word.


From that day George was a hero and celebrated throughout this proud land

And venison and chips were on the menu, jelly and custard and a thirty piece band.

It was the 23rd of April when it happened which is now known as St. George’s Day

And on the eve of that great victory we eat pie and peas together and only four pound to Pay.

No one now remembers where George fought this battle or the story of Alice and Ben

But I sometimes hear a sheepdog barking when I visit the Green Dragon now and then.


Ron Town April 2016