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KPCP is an alternative curriculum provider through its ACE Project.  This offers a range of activities to young people who struggle to engage with formal education or have emotional issues that make learning in a school context difficult.


ACE uses a ‘hidden curriculum’ approach using a wide variety of activities as vehicles for enabling young people to extend their interest in and understanding of Maths, English, Arts /Crafts and Wellbeing.  These include cooking, woodcraft, word games, art and crafts, sports, fishing, and use of our onsite gym 


We cover independent living skills such as building positive relationships, staying safe,  CEOP, crime and consequences, personal hygiene, healthy living, and others determined by each individual young person’s needs.  We are a registered AQA Centre and offer accredited learning for all our activities.   


KPCP works in partnership through contractual relationships with Rotherham schools and local authority agencies.  


For more information for schools and agencies please use link below for download.

What is ACE

ACE Project (Alternative Curriculum Education)

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